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27 March 2007 @ 08:35 pm
yarn snobs  

So, I visited the yarn store I had mentioned - the one that's eight blocks from my apartment.  It was a beautiful day, around 70ish degrees, and the walk there was incredibly pleasant.  So I was extra-disappointed when the store failed to meet any of my expectations

The selection isn't that great, and it's especially lacking in cotton and other non-animal yarns, which is a big factor for me, because I can't wear most wools.  Specifically, they didn't seem to have the yarn I was looking for - Rowan 4-ply cotton for this project - or anything remotely similar.

When I asked the owner if they carried it, she seemed downright rude, telling me that she'd never thought that yarn was "anything special."  That's kind of the point - the project is pretty simple, and the "special" comes from the leaf motif, the shaping, the picot hems.  The yarn is just a good solid yarn that comes in a lot of pleasant colors and won't detract from the simple elegance of a nice knitted tank.  She pointed me to some cottons that were not at all similar to what I was looking for, then suggested pure silk (way out of my price range), and merino (after I told her that there really aren't any wools that I can wear comfortably next to my skin).  Now that I'm writing it down, I guess the things she actually said weren't that objectionable, but I got the distinct impression that she felt like it was my fault that she didn't stock any yarns that would work for my project.  And I really felt like she didn't want me just wandering around fondling the yarn.  What else do you do in a yarn store?

There's one more store on the Upper West Side that I want to stake out on Thursday.  Fingers crossed for it to be better than this one!

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