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09 April 2007 @ 11:53 am
kew socks, and a dpn quandry  
The Spiral Rib Bag is still on the needles, and likely to remain so until I can get my hands on a second skein of Blue Sky Cotton.  The bag just isn't tall enough that I can use some of the yarn for the body to make the ruffle.  I like the proportions the way they are, and it risks looking too short and stout if I undo even a few rows.

So, I started a pair of kew socks using TOFUtsies (in Best Foot Forward) and #2 dpns.  I've finished one sock now.  (pictures forthcoming, sometime when I'm not at school.  So, make that, pictures to be posted in May.  Bear with me kids.)  I really am in love with this pattern.  The lace is simple and pretty, I didn't get the usual holes at the point where the stitches split to form the heel flap and the instep, and the finished sock fits perfectly.  (I think that's my favorite thing about hand-knitted socks in general.  I'm kind of particular about sock fit.  I find most socks either too big or too small, but I can always make my knitted ones exactly right.  Just call me Goldilocks.)

However, as much as I love this pattern, I won't make it again with self-striping yarn.  The striping plus the lace makes for a too-busy effect, and I ended up with some less-than-attractive pooling due to the difference in gauge between the lace pattern of the instep and stockinette on the sole.  (Luckily, the worst of the pooling is mostly on the sole, and thus hidden.  We'll see if I can manage that on the second sock.)  However, I do want to make this pattern again in a semi-solid or solid yarn because, like I said, I'm in love.

Somewhat unrelated: do you find that your smaller diameter wooden dpns tend to bow a bit after you've used them for a while?  Or is there something wrong with the way I'm holding my needles?  Am I just too tense?  Is it the needles I buy?  I'm on my second set of Clover bamboo #2 dpns right now, but I might bite the bullet and buy some more expensive hardwood needles if I could be convinced that they wouldn't have this problem.  (This is the cue for the marketing reps from Lantern Moon to start commenting here.)  Is there anything to do about this, other than switch to plastic (shudder) or metal (too slippery)?  Thoughts?  Experiences?
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amoral_fiberamoral_fiber on April 13th, 2007 01:12 am (UTC)
Hmm. I'm on my second set of size 2 needles cause I lose the fuckers (and, come to think of it, Renee's last roommate's chihauha ate one. Ashley, I am so glad you don't have a damn chihauha). I've never had *that* problem, but I don't hold my needles too tightly.
Hardwood or flexible plastic (I really like Bryspun needles-- I know you guys are anti-plastic, but between $5(bryspun online) and $25(l.m.) it might be worth a shot) would fix this problem, but it's really a personal preference. Then again, on the smaller size needles, maybe hardwood wouldn't make that much of a difference-- think about it; do you expect a toothpick to last for years? Do you like bamboo enough to shell out $8 every few socks to get a new pair?

PS-- I like that sock pattern! Maybe I should give socks a shot again...